Jørn Lier Horst

Bestselling author Jørn Lier Horst is a Former Senior Investigating Officer from Norway and recently winner of the Glass Key Award for the best Nordic Crime Novel and the prestigious Martin Beck Award. He made his debut in 2004 with the crime novel Key Witness, based on a true murder story. His crime novels has been extremely successful in Europe and is characterized by political and social commentary subtext.

Horst is represented by Salomonsson Agency

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born 27th February 1970, in Bamble, Telemark, Norway

has worked as a policeman in Larvik since 1995. Hold the position as the Head of CID at Larvik police station until he retired i September 2013

debut novel in 2004, “Key Witness”, based on true murder story

William Wisting novel series:  “Key Witness” (2004), “Disappearance of Felicia” (2005), “When the Sea Calms” (2006), “The Only One” (2007), “The Night Man” (2009), “Dregs” (2010), “Close for the Winter” (2011), “The hunting dogs” (2012), "The Caveman" (2013)

“Codename Hunter” (2008)

The CLUE-series (2012 - ) Mystery books for young adults.

A clue may help you solve a mystery. CLUE is formed by the initials of the four main characters in the series: Cecilia, Leo, Une and Egon the dog.

Detective Agency No. 2 (2013 - ) Crime fiction series for children.

Elvestad is a cosy little town, but whenever cracks appear in the idyllic surface, Oliver and Tiril stand ready to take the mission. Aided by Åtto the hound, they search for surprising revelations and unorthodox solutions

has written a book for children about police investigation procedures, and has been actively involved in giving talks in schools to raise awareness and improve community involvement


William Wisting is an upright and good policeman, but first and foremost a good-hearted and sincere person.  He is a careful and concerned investigator, without great thought for himself, but an engagement with society beyond the individual and a legitimate involvement with his fellow human beings.  He is an experienced policeman who is familiar with the dark side of human nature.  He lives in a changing society, with challenging times for the Norwegian police force, and does his best to combat the criminality that is overwhelming us.  A man with a conscience, integrity and humanity, and a belief that he can play a part in creating a better world.  In other words: the kind of person we all both know and hold in high regard.

Chief inspector of police. Works as the Head of CID at Larvik police station.

Born in Larvik 14th April 1958

Father – Roald H Wisting, doctor, born 1930

Mother – Ruth Else Wisting, housewife, born 1934, died 1987

No siblings

Brought up in the Fjerdingen district, west of Stavern, Norway

Married in 1982 to Ingrid Grindem (born 5th April 1958, died July 25th 2006)

Children – Line and Thomas Wisting, twins, born 8th August 1983

Address – Herman Wildenveys gate 7, 3290 Stavern, Norway


William Wisting’s great-grandfather was the polar hero Oscar Wisting, who, together with Roald Amundsen, was the first in the world to travel to both the South and North Poles.



Stavern Primary School 1964-1970

Brunla Junior High School 1970-1973

Larvik Senior High School 1973-1976

Military Service, Evjemoen 1976-1977

Police Academy 1977-1980



Larvik Police Station, police service, 1980-1984

Larvik Police Station, Criminal Investigation Department, 1984-